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Attendance Office

Tamara Thomas
Grades 9th and 11th
Cheryl Brown
Grades 10th and 12th

Student attendance, whether virtual or in-person, will be measured by the full day. Students are expected to participate in each class.
Excused Absence- The parent/guardian contacts the teacher or attendance office that the student is unable to participate in any activities for the day.
Unexcused Absence- The student does not participate in any part of the activities for the day, the student has not checked in with the teacher, the student's parent/guardian does not contact the teacher or the attendance office.

Certificates of Enrollment
To request a Certificate of Enrollment for a driving permit or license, email Mrs. Thomas the following information:

Student's Name
Address, City, State, Zip Code
Date of Birth
Male or Female

Forms will be mailed to students upon completion. Allow two full business days to process the form PLUS time to mail the form.
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